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Sustainable hotels

with organic brunch & vegan breakfast

Eco-friendly hotel in Copenhagen

At GO HOTEL COPENHAGEN and GO HOTEL CITY, we take environmental responsibility high. We are proud to be part of the Green Key program that allows hotel guests around the world to choose an eco-friendly hotel. We can also offer meals that live up to the Bronze Ecological Label, which is issued by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. This means that between 30 and 60 percent of our food and beverage purchases are organic. In 2019 GO HOTEL COPENHAGEN received Premium Purity ™ Authorization, which is a quality standard in sustainable cleaning. That is, Go Hotel Copenhagen lives up to the following quality standards.

  • Sustainable disinfection and cleaning
  • Savings on water consumption during cleaning
  • Sharp guidelines for the use of chemicals in cleaning
  • Minimal use of disposable plastic
  • Healthy indoor climate and air quality

Save daily cleaning and get a beer

At GO HOTELS we have a desire to significantly reduce our climate footprint. Therefore, we allow our guests to receive a free beer in our bars if they save the daily cleaning. The initiative has been implemented since 2018 and aims to effectively reduce our negative environmental impact. By reducing daily cleaning, we reduce water and electricity consumption to such an extent that we achieve noticeable savings in our climate impact - for the benefit of our guests and the environment in Copenhagen.

In recent years, we have seen a growing interest from our guests about increased climate awareness, and we want to be among the predecessors of the hotel industry in meeting this demand. For the same reason, we only use detergents from environmentally friendly ACT.Global, which allows us to use only water in our cleaning (we do not use chemicals).

Hotel with option for eco breakfast

If you are looking for a climate-friendly hotel in Copenhagen where you can enjoy a lovely breakfast with organic supplements, you can visit our "eco-hotel". If you have any questions about our accommodation or our versatile and inviting breakfast buffet, please call +45 32 52 00 30. We look forward to welcome you.